About us

About Our Company

Newly launched in 2020, the HKIP wanted to solve Hong Kong’s unemployment problem and unstable economic outlook. 82,000 students have struggled to find a job this year, and there is a reduction of 55% of job postings this year. The HKIP wants to help students and corporations link up, so we can build a better future for Hong Kong. So far, we helped over 1000 students start their careers…

The HKIP is a startup business operating in Kowloon. We have a small team of 10 people. We are diverse, as some come from countries like India, China, Hong Kong, Lithuania and the U.K. Our employees are recent graduates themselves, as they come from universities like Baptist University and Open University. We understand the struggles of finding a job, and the company strives to create collaborative work environment, where we strive to create the best experience for our clients. With an 87% from students, there is no doubt the HKIP can deliver results for both student and enterprise.

HKIP specializes in student jobs of all shapes and varieties. There are plenty of job
opportunities for students to look at and share!

Christina Wong City University of Hong Kong

I wasn’t sure what the right graduate job was for me, but the HKIP personality test allowed
me to find a job that is totally related to my interests.

Jahanzaib Khan The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

After signing up for the HKIP, I got a quick response, and within two weeks they found me a
fantastic position!

Shannon Smith The University of Hong Kong


(For SMEs and Large Corporations)

  • 1

    Create a Profile

    Create an employer account, and input details regarding the details of your corporation.

  • 2

    Post Jobs

    Make job advertisements using the provided templates.

  • 3

    Contact Candidates

    Review the applicants and choose the best candidates for your company.


(For Students)

  • 1

    Create a Profile

    Make a student account, upload your CV and complete a personality test.

  • 2

    Apply for Jobs

    Under jobs, please select the positions that you are interested in.

  • 3

    Track Application

    Track and stay alert for any notifications regarding your applications.



The HKIP has partnered with over 40 companies in Hong Kong. Those enterprises work in fields in such as hospitality, marketing and media, and I.T. We can provide interns with opportunities, no matter big or small.